Process Optimisation

Glenvern has over 20 years experience working with clients to achieve sustainable improvement outcomes.

Every manufacturing process is a combination of ‘process variables’ influencing a combination of ‘Product variables’

Precise understanding of what is actually occurring within the process

Identification of Optimal Equipment/process Settings

Elimination of Conjectures from Process management

“What-if” modelling and assessment

Encapsulated tools to measure improvement/cost savings to assist/sustain optimised conditions.

Glenvern utilise a unique optimisation technology package designed for application with any manufacturing process.

Applied to any continuous or batch process - Discrete or whole of process study focus

Focus on measurable and sustainable outcomes

  • Output rates
  • Waste reduction
  • Raw materials options and consumption
  • Energy & services utilisation
  • Improved setup and changeover performance
  • Systematic new product and process trialling

Targeted outcomes based upon accurate knowledge of what is occurring withina process

Ability to use knowledge to optimise current process'warts and all'and, to examine 'what if'process performance extensions

For many processes, results are achieved in 'days'